Do you want to have an impact on the future of our riding and the country? Members of the party are automatically members of the EDA. Our members assist in the day to day activities of the EDA, provide support to our representative both during the mandate and during election campaigns, and are a source of local information and guidance for our M.P. and board. New members and volunteers are always welcome. You can join online here. If you have any questions regarding membership you may send an email to our Membership Coordinator.

Donating locally helps us maintain our outreach and communications with the riding as well as providing a strong financial base to win the next election in 2019. You can donate online here or download the donation form on that page and donate by mail. If you have any questions regarding donations you may send an email to our Fund Coordinator.

Volunteers are needed throughout the year to assist with outreach, fundraising and to support our MP in providing services to the riding. In election campaigns we need many volunteers for canvassing, outreach, sign placement etc. You can volunteer on the Volunteer page here, or send an email to our Volunteer Coordinator.

We have created the Cornerstone Club for our premier donors.

Members of the Cornerstone Club will get priority access to events organized by the Simcoe North Conservative Electoral District Association, two tickets to our yearly Cornerstone Club Appreciation event, and regular updates with our Club E-Newsletter. Most importantly, you’ll be helping our local Electoral District Association build up our reserves in preparation for the next election, and get our message out at fall fairs, our annual BBQ/Fish Fry, and events across the riding. If you have any questions regarding the Cornerstone Club you may send an email to our Fund Coordinator.

You can join Cornerstone here.