The roles of Electoral District Association (Riding Association / EDA) and the Member of Parliament’s (MP’s) office, are distinctly different. The MP office (in Midland and Orillia) is completely funded by the tax payer via the House of Commons budget and is therefore not permitted to serve any party-related service. For questions, comments or issues that are party-related, such as memberships, donations, campaign volunteers, and lawn sign requests, please contact us at the Simcoe North Conservative Electoral District Association. For questions and comments that are related to Parliament, Government or Private Members Bills (Bills or motions before Parliament), or involving Departments of the Government of Canada, its programs and services (including passports, Canada Pension Plan, Old Age Security, Employment Insurance, Citizenship and Immigration and Veterans services), please contact the MP’s office. For arranging appointments and/or certificates for special occasions (anniversaries, milestone birthdays, store openings), please contact the MP Office. If you’re not sure whether you question should be directed to the MP office or the EDA, please contact MP Stanton’s office, and his staff will welcome your questions or inquiry and if necessary, direct you to the appropriate office or contact person.
You can reach the EDA board by sending an email to:    


No, EDA membership requires that you be a member in good standing of the party.
Membership in the EDA is automatic when you join the party.
Joining the party is easy. On this web page you can click on the "Get Involved"  and then click on the Join button.  This will take you to the Membership Page where you can download an application or join online. When you join the National Party, you automatically become a member of the EDA for your Riding, with all of the benefits that entails.


We often need volunteers for a variety of activities including support at our booth, event support, telephone calling (which can be done from home), mail-outs, campaign outreach etc. Even if you can spare a couple of hours volunteer support is critical and most helpful. You can volunteer by clicking on the "Get Involved" tab above, then click on the "Volunteer" button.


Tax Credits available for political donations are defined by Revenue Canada. These credits are detailed at Revenue Canada's website.
Elections Canada has strict regulations on donation limits to candidates and parties. These limits are documented on the Elections Canada Site.
To make a donation you can simply click on the  "Donate Locally" tab on the top menu of this website.
When you donate to the EDA, the funds are controlled by the EDA and used to support our local activities and the campaign of our local candidate. When you donate to the party, the funds are controlled by the party and used to further the party's national goals, as well as funding to the national campaign.



An EDA or Electoral District Association is the constituency or riding level organization of our party. The EDA is governed by a board of directors which is elected each year at our annual general meeting (AGM). The board members elect a President, Secretary, Chief Financial Officer and Vice-presidents as needed at the first board meeting following the AGM. The board are responsible for managing the activities of the EDA, fundraising efforts, nomination and election of our candidate and ensuring that all of our activities are in compliance with Elections Canada. All members of the Conservative Party of Canada are automatically members of the EDA in the riding in which they live and may vote for the board at the AGM.

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