EDA (Conservative Riding Association) vs. Office of MP Bruce Stanton – Who Should I Contact?

The roles of Electoral District Association (Riding Association / EDA) and the Member of Parliament’s (MP’s) office, are distinctly different. The MP office (in Midland and Orillia) is completely funded by the tax payer via the House of Commons budget and is therefore not permitted to serve any party-related service.

For questions, comments or issues that are party-related, such as memberships, donations, campaign volunteers, and lawn sign requests, please contact us at the Simcoe North Conservative Electoral District Association.

For questions and comments that are related to Parliament, Government or Private Members Bills (Bills or motions before Parliament), or involving Departments of the Government of Canada, its programs and services (including passports, Canada Pension Plan, Old Age Security, Employment Insurance, Citizenship and Immigration and Veterans services), please contact the MP’s office.

For arranging appointments and/or certificates for special occasions (anniversaries, milestone birthdays, store openings), please contact the MP Office.

If you’re not sure whether you question should be directed to the MP office or the EDA, please contact MP Stanton’s office, and his staff will welcome your questions or inquiry and if necessary, direct you to the appropriate office or contact person.