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As we celebrate Christmas and usher in the New Year, please consider helping us prepare for a likely election in 2021.

We wish you and yours a Very Happy and Joyous Christmas, and a Prosperous New Year!


Here is how the fundraiser works:

With your donation of $100, you will receive a Foodland Gift Certificate (value $25) and a receipt for $75 which can have tax credit value of up to $56.25 applicable to your 2019 taxation year (if received before December 31st). When you take the gift certificate and tax credit into account, your out-of-pocket expense for the donation could be as little as $18.75.

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You may choose to make either a one time donation, or subscribe to a monthly donation to be charged to your credit card on the first of the month until you advise us to cancel.

Please note that Elections Canada requires that donations must be made with a personal credit card or cheque.

Donations from Business accounts are not permitted by Elections Canada.

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